Incubation Center

Start-ups are playing a vital role in science and technology parks as they grow gradually in the incubation process. The main idea is to encourage individuals to innovate and turn fresh ideas into practice or even find solution for specific problems in different industries.
Incubation centers including well-educated and professional teams are ready to negotiate on international offers in order to establish bilateral agreements and cooperation any related fields of interest.

Intellectual Property and Innovation Services

Along with other innovation centers in Iran, KSTP has established an office for intellectual property and innovation in order to facilitate getting patent for innovators. Our professional team is ready to assist with innovators to fulfill innovation cycle (ideation, sampling and commercialization). In addition, supporting innovative ideas financially is in line with the national policy of protecting and supporting innovators.

Commercialization Services

Marketing and Communication department has recruited well-educated and experienced workforce to support small and medium enterprises located at KSTP in commercialization process and marketing procedure. One of the main services that this department provides is to establish a professional network among different industries and sectors to optimize the level of cooperation between business entities.