Khorasan Science and Technology Park (KSTP)




Start-ups are playing a vital role in science and technology parks as they grow gradually in the incubation process. The main idea is to encourage individuals to innovate and turn fresh ideas into practice or even find solution for specific problems in different industries. Incubation centers including well-educated and professional teams are ready to negotiate on international offers in order to establish bilateral agreements and cooperation any related fields of interest.

General Technology Incubation

Technology development undoubtedly is important to any country especially when it leads to financial promotion.

KSTP has established and organized the facilities along with providing infrastructures for General-Tech Incubator with the purpose of supporting and establishment of technological sectors to satisfy regional needs and priorities.

The governance of General Incubation Center is performed by a professional team who are responsible to coach, assist and encourage the entrepreneurs as well as providing them with proper logistics supports in different fields of knowledge.

ICT Incubation

Successful economy is the reward of hard work, commitment, and right management of every resource. The role of "Information and Communication Technology" (ICT) though is undeniable. Thanks to technology advancements, the world is moving toward interdependence economy and ICT development has accelerated this phenomenon.

KSTP has already set its mission to keep up with the latest trends in technology; therefore, ICT incubation center hast started its work extensively by supporting and investing in technology start-ups and enterprises. It is worth to mention that the government is increasing its supports nationwide regarding ICT infrastructure.

The objectives of creating ICT incubation center are:

  • To commercialize the research achievements
  • To support entrepreneurs, innovators and young graduates
  • To assist local industries through promoting knowledge-based economy
  • To prepare infrastructure for SMEs in related fields
  • To create job opportunities for fresh graduates and encourage entrepreneurs to join KSTP
  • To Commercialize the IT-based products and services and to market them domestically and internationally

Applicants are mostly encouraged to work on relative fields of:

Information Security, E-Business, Added Value Services in Mobile industry, Virtual Reality, Multi Media & Games, GIS, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Systems, E-Gov Services, Network & Hardware and Application.

Energy Technology Incubation

Energy incubation center is composed of professional and well-educated scholars who support start-ups in energy related field such as oil, gas, petrochemical and new energies technologies. The aim is to support innovation in new and clean energy technologies and commercialize the ideas exploited from findings of the most recent researches.

Agriculture/Food technology Incubation

Agriculture Incubation center is established in 2010 under the agreement of agriculture research institute of Khorasan Razavi with the license from ministry of science. The objective is to support technology advancement in agriculture and to create opportunity for start-ups to innovate and find new technologies in relative field: food industry, mechanization in agriculture, natural resources and other related industries.

Other Branches

In order to extend the incubation centers and attract more technology-based products, KSTP has decided to expand through establishing branches in two cities of Neyshabour and Gonabad.  Neyshabour is mainly focused on bio-technology, nano-technology, biomedical technology, mechanical engineering and chemistry.  Gonabad branch is also focusing on culture, human resources and other related areas.