Khorasan Science and Technology Park (KSTP)

Training department
The training department of KSTP runs different educational courses in order to increase the managerial knowledge for managers of its companies to improve their business skills and make them familiar with business laws.

Consultation department
The consultation department of KSTP gives advice to technology and science-based companies in order to improve their business and help them to make better decisions 

Technology tours (International & Internal) 
KSTP provides different internal and international tours for the familiarity with industry needs and developing strategies for technology transfer 

KSTP develops technology and presents the capabilities of science-based companies to increase their exportation power and prepare the ground for contact with technology holder countries

KSTP provides investment services in order to increase the market capitalization of science-based companies and diversify brokerage services including exportations, insurance, investment fund, financial services and iso

KSTP supports the creation and development of national and international networks with the purpose of technology transfer 

KSTP laboratory complex is active in the areas of materials engineering, metallurgy, engineering ceramics, chemistry and analysis, surface engineering, coating and electronics. This complex has more than 20 years’ experience and is considered to be the greatest laboratory complex in the east of Iran.