Khorasan Science and Technology Park (KSTP)

Khorasan Science and Technology Park (KSTP) is one of the greatest and oldest science parks in Iran. It was established in 2003 by the directive of the Higher Education Development Council depending on 22-year-old research activities for the creation and development of national technology and provision of suitable infrastructures.

The strategical mission of KSTP is to increase wealth in the society through the promotion of innovation culture and improvement of competitiveness in the enterprises work based on science and technology.

KSTP is active in the north-east of Iran in the area of 40 hectares, building area of 2500 square meter and laboratory area of 1600 square meter.
KSTP  supports around 350 technology and science-based companies at the moment and provide essential workshops and infrastructures for them.
KSTP cooperates closely with research and science institutes in order to attract young and fruitful ideas and stay up-to-date.



Km12, Mashhad-Quchan Highway, Mashhad, IR Iran



Presidnet Department


Dr. Reza Ghanbari has been the president of KSTP since August 2018. He holds a PhD degree in applied mathematics, graduated from Sharif University of Technology in Iran. 
Dr. Ghanbari is also the faculty member of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and has published more than 45 papers on different journals.
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Vice-president for Technology Deveopment
Davod Tafazoli         contact:




Vice-president for Technology Support
                  Akbar Amini               contact:





Technology Incubators

Khorasan Science and Technology Park has established 8 technology incubators in order to foster local tech entrepreneurship and help small and medium companies to develop and commercialize their high-tech products.

Technology incubators of KSTP have been established in order to utilize the existing capabilities of Khorasan province considering the different infrastructures for developing technology. These centers are managed by professional experts and provide services for supporting new businesses set up by entrepreneurs who have economical purposes based on science and technology


Incubators coordinator: Seyed Iman Shariyati





  • ICT incubator

ICT incubator was established in 2004. This center provides support services for business development of entrepreneurs who are active in the area of information and communication technology.

 The roles and achievements of ICT incubators:

-The member of Khorasan electronic government committee (the most influential decision-making committee on IT in Khorasan province)

-The compilation of Khorasan ICT Master Plan

-The provision of E-Readiness system for Khorasan executive organizations

-The compilation of Mashhad smart city development document

-Conducting ITS general studies for Mashhad city

-The member of strategic committee on national plan of innovation acceleration (ministry of labor)

-The member of technical council on qualification of consultation centers and entrepreneurship information (ministry of labor)

-The member of judge’s committee of Iran entrepreneurship festival (ministry of labor)

-The provincial secretariat on qualification of facilities of ICT ministry

-The member of Khorasan policy-making committee on IT exhibitions

-Managing the center for empowerment of new businesses in Khorasan province during 2017 and 2018

The areas of activity in ICT incubation:

-        Cloud computing

-        Big data processing and data mining

-        location-based and geographical information services

-        E-business

-        Hardware-software systems

-         Identification and access control systems

-        Value-added systems and mobile phone-based services

-        Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

-        Multimedia products and video games


ICT incubator coordinator: Ali Jahedi







  • Energy incubator

Energy incubator is composed of professional and well-educated scholars who support start-ups in energy related fields such as oil, gas, petrochemical and renewable energies. The aim is to support innovation in new and clean energy technologies and commercialize the ideas exploited from findings of the most recent researches.

Organizations cooperate with energy incubator include:

Iran National Gas Company

Hasheminejad Gas Refinery

South Pars Gas Complex

East Oil & Gas Production Company

Energy incubator coordinator: Masume Zakeriyan





  • General Technologies Incubator

This center covers all technologies related to the areas such as electronics, mechanical and mechatronics engineering, biomedical engineering, nanotechnology, chemistry and polymer, metallurgy and materials, new building technologies and medical instruments.    

Start-up companies that are active in such areas can get support from General technology incubator.


General Technologies Incubator coordinator: Seyed Mousa Siyadati



  • Cultural Industry Incubator

This center supports entrepreneurs and stat-up companies in the areas related to cultural industry and humanities such as handicrafts, architecture, media, visual arts, toy design, jewelry design, computer games, tourism and pilgrimage.

Cultural Industry Incubator coordinator: Alireza Arabshahi

contact: javidarabshahi[





  • Agriculture Incubator

 Start-up companies and entrepreneurs active in the areas such as food industries, agriculture mechanization, natural resources, soil, plant pathology and agriculture economy are supported in this incubator.

Agriculture Incubator coordinator: Naser Bagherani






8. Developed Corporations Center

KSTP has established a center for supporting and providing infrastructures and facilities for companies which have turned into developed ones in order to help them to develop their research and development centers and commercialize their products and researches.

Developed Corporations Coordinator: Mahdi Mazlumzadeh






Commecialization Department

KSTP provides various services in order to help tech companies to commercialize their products and provide financing services.

Commercialization services include technology tours, angel investment and venture capital, national and international exhibitions, B2B meetings, technology analysis and providing connections with governmental organizations.

Commercialization Affairs Advisor : Alireza Khatib



Technology services coordinator: Narges Khanderu