Khorasan Science and Technology Park (KSTP)

The history of Khorasan Science and Technology Park (KSTP) goes back to 1980. KSTP is affiliated with the Ministry of Science and it is supported by ministry in order to continue its work along other science and technology parks in IRAN. KSTP started its work by encouraging innovators to nurture fresh ideas and turn them into practices. KSTP cooperates closely with research and science institutes in order to attract young and fruitful ideas and stay up-to-date.

The growing phenomenon of globalization has changed the business environment and KSTP has taken significant steps to keep up with this trend. Knowing the fact that start-ups need guidance, assistance and encouragement, KSTP has launched effective coaching system in order to commercialize the technology products.

KSTP has created a knowledge-based environment driven by the most experienced and well-educated staffs, business entrepreneurs and consultants to support companies to turn ideas into practice and make the world a better place as its own contribution to the world.

Organizational Structure

In KSTP, there are different sections working in full cooperation. Start-up coaching and commercializing services are taken care of by incubators and business enterprises are controlled and supervised by Enterprise Affairs and Marketing Department. Since the whole business network is built on relation and professionalism the Public and International Relation department organize the whole network domestically and internationally. There are other sections under KSTP such as: Laboratories and Research institutes governed by the CEO of the KSTP.