Khorasan Science and Technology Park (KSTP)

Iran minister of Economy visited KSTP


Dr. Farhad Dejpasand, the minister of economy visited Khorasan Science and Technology Park and its resident companies during a trip to Mashhad.

Dr. Dejpasand visited Saman Daru Company, Pharmaceutical Company producing human recombinant factor VIII (hr FVIII), Ahar Company, the provider of power station services, Behpuyan Amin Montazer Company, the provider of large-scale intelligent systems and energy optimization solutions.

Iran minister of Economy also attended a meeting in the presence of  Dr. Reza Ghanbari, the president of Khorasan Science and Technology Park, Dr. Keshmiri, the Deputy for Technological Affairs to Iran’s Ministry for Science, Research and Technology and some managers of science-based companies.

Dr. Dejpasnad emphasized that the government has targeted an intelligent economy and  science-based companies are one of the pillars of such an economy.

He also addressed some of the problem science-based companies face in several areas such as tax, insurance, customs, importation and exportation.


provided by: Ehsan Seyed Keshmiri