Khorasan Science and Technology Park (KSTP)

What is the roles of Energy Incubator in KSTP ؟

Energy Incubator
We’re here to make ideas and innovations come to life and to make energy better for the Iran, our customers and our people.
Our ambition is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society through the development of new technologies and business models. We work on growing and nurturing start-ups, our colleagues, students and innovators who are passionate about their concepts.
EI (Energy Incubator) has used a customized approach to support entrepreneurs addressing the world’s most complex problems by connecting startups with the expertise, relationships, and funding sources they need to succeed in the marketplace. Through partnerships with local and national investors and funding sources, a dedicated mentor community, trusted professional and strategic partners as well as universities and other community affiliations, we are dedicated to supporting deep tech solutions that will become the future for today’s global problems. By deep tech, we mean recently established startup solutions founded on breakthrough scientific discoveries and engineering innovations with a focus on circular economy, energy, oil & gas and water. We are an engine to growth and a stimulator to meaningful and proven economic development.
So, if you have an idea - big, small or simple - one that could help shape the future of better energy, we’d love to hear from you.



provided by: Reza Ghazanfari