Khorasan Science and Technology Park (KSTP)

KSTP companies to fight against Corona Virus


Technology and science-based companies in Khorasan science and technology park are providing products and services to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection and improve the condition of people in Iran after the country being affected by coronavirus.

Ehya Darman Pishrafteh, KSTP member has developed medical Ventilator machines to assist spontaneous breathing for infected patients.

Hamrahdoctor company, another KSTP member has produced telemedicine and screening tools to identify patients early enough to provide treatment. The company has focused specially on screening people for coronavirus these days.

Some other companies have widely focused on producing disinfectants, antiseptics and antibacterial cleaners, medical masks, disposable clothing, digital thermometer covers and blood collection test tubes.

Since schools and universities are shut-down in Iran because of Coronavirus, KSTP companies have been more active in producing virtual education platforms and applications to assist teachers and students in this period of time.




Provided by: Ehsan Seyed Keshmiri