Khorasan Science and Technology Park (KSTP)

KSTP companies to fight against Corona Virus


Technology and science-based companies in Khorasan science and technology park (KSTP) are providing products and services to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection and improve the condition of people in Iran after the country being affected by coronavirus. Some of the products and services are listed below.


Medical ventilators

Ehya Darman Pishrafte Company, the member of KSTP has recently achieved a success to produce 30 ventilator machines per day to assist patients infected by COVID19 virus.

Ehya Darman Pishrafte assists doctors in the key areas of diagnosis and treatment for diseases. The diagnosis is first made by CT Scan to show what amount of lung volume is affected by the disease and the second phase is treatment through ventilators to improve breathing in patients. The ventilators help the patients by moving breathable air into and out of the lungs and are able to make the patients survive even if only one percent of their lung is working properly.

Ehya Darman Pishrafte Company has recently signed a contract with Iran Ministry of Health to produce 960 machines that takes 48 days and it has also declared readiness to make more ventilators if needed.


Telemedicine and screening tools

Hamrahdoctor company, another KSTP member has produced telemedicine and screening tools to identify patients early enough to provide treatment. The company has focused specially on screening people for coronavirus these days.


Blood collection test tubes

Aron Zist Teb, the member of KSTP is active in the area of producing blood collection test tubes.

Blood collection test tubes are used in the first phases of Corona virus tests and infections are diagnosed through blood tests. 

At the moment, the company is producing 50000 blood collection test tubes per day and has the potential to increase it to 100000 daily.


Establishing mobile hospitals

Aron Zist Teb, the member of KSTP has been active to make mobile hospitals including tents of biological defense systems, prefabricated isolation rooms and clinical mobile systems   


Protective clothing

Toos Darman Teb, the member of KSTP has been able to produce personal protective clothing specialized to the personnel of medical centers.

The company is able to produce 100 sets of protective clothing per day and some of them are given as a present to a hospital in the city of Mashhad


Nano-based antibacterial disinfectants

Ebrahimzadeh laboratory, the member of KSTP is producing surface and hand disinfectant solutions using nano-based particles rather than alcohol.

300 to 400 liters of disinfectant solutions are produced daily here.


Anti-allergic disinfectants

Shimi Parsiyan Attar, the member of KSTP has been able to make 40 tons of Anti-allergic disinfectants per day.

The disinfectants produced by this company are odorless, causing no allergy and are tested specifically for removing corona virus.