Khorasan Science and Technology Park (KSTP)

KSTP’s Daya offers an online e-learning platform to ۶۵۰۰۰ users

While the world is severely affected by COVID-19, leveraging IT solutions for managing the situation is one of the best options for the societies. Unfortunately, one of the serious consequences of this crisis in many countries is the interruption in education system which demands compensation to keep the connection between teachers, students, and their parents. To guarantee the continuity of education under this circumstance, IT companies need to play a proactive role in the e-learning area.

Since the very beginning of COVID-19 Pandemic in Iran, Daya company as a member of Khorasan Science & Technology Park (KSTP) and an active company in providing educational software, stated its position to provide a free online e-learning platform for every school in the country to keep an online collaboration between teachers, students, and parents.

This platform which offers a mobile Application has already more than 65.000 users and offers various functions including content creation and distribution, direct and group messaging, teaching and assessment, and many others.

Daya’s platform is the most popular e-learning solution in Iran and has already started to offer solution to the schools in Afghanistan.

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